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- Dress code: Dress well (no logos/sports tops). Hair & makeup as you would for a performance (seniors).
- Listen to the song a few times before filming and make sure to match phrasing.
- You will need 2 devices to record, one to play the song and other to film.

- Use one headphone so you can hear your voice.
- Please use this song version only when recording to match phrasing.
- Listen to it on headphones and sing with it. (Don’t use a speaker because I won’t be able to edit it out)
- Don’t stand with a window or light behind you as this will turn you into a silhouette! Blank wall behind looks best.
- Make sure there’s no background noise.
- Must be filmed indoors.
- Head and shoulders view, perform the song as if you're on stage!
- Check there’s not a big gap at top of video when filming.

- Phone/camera should be at head height and not above or below you.
- Don’t crop your video after you film.
- When song ends, *wait about 10 seconds before stopping your video.
- Any videos not filmed correctly won’t be used.
- Phone/camera should be still and not hand held.

***We need videos by Sat 24th at 8pm please***

Any issues or questions text Paul 086 2581966

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